A four week online course designed to help your teen break the habit of anxious thoughts and panic for good.

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From Anxious Teen to Confident Teen

A new online course for teens, created by Dawn Quest, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach, to help your teen break the habit of anxious thoughts and panic for good.

Over the course of 4 weeks your teen will learn:

  • Effective techniques to nip anxious thoughts and panic attacks in the bud.

  • How to recognise anxiety triggers and change their responses to feel calmer and more in control.

  • Powerful mindset shifts that help them break free from anxiety for good.

  • Exercises to feel "good enough" and to boost confidence and self esteem.

What's involved? 

  • A guided 4 week programme with weekly lessons
    targeting what anxiety is, why we have it, and how we can bring anxiety back under control

  • A members' area with access to video sessions and audio recordings as well as resources and exercises.

  • The Anxiety Tool Kit for Teens  

  • Email support for parents

Breaking the Anxiety Habit Course Content
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Engaging video content helping your teen understand anxiety better and learn ways to bring it under control for good.

Each lesson is available in video, audio and transcript form for easy access.


Start your teen on the path
to breaking the anxiety habit...

The Breaking the Anxiety Habit™ Course Outline

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In Week One we get to grips with what anxiety really is, why we have it and why it feels so out of control. 

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In Week Two we start to solve the 'Anxiety Puzzle' by learning all about the way our minds work in looping thought patterns.

Week Three - Choosing Better Habits.png

In Week Three we learn all about how to break the anxiety habit with a powerful new way of looking at our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Week Four- Stop Worrying, Start Living.png

In Week Four we put it all together to start leaving anxiety behind and get back to enjoying life to the full.


Guided Meditations Thumbnail.png

Guided Audio Meditations 

Daily Affirmations Thumbnail.png

Daily Affirmation Cards

The Anxiety Tool Kit for Teens Thumbnail_edited.jpg

The Anxiety Tool Kit for Teens

Four audio meditation downloads to calm anxious thoughts and feelings

30 Daily Affirmations to help reinforce positive thoughts and habits

An online tool kit of exercises and techniques to help nip anxious thoughts and feelings in the bud.

Swamped NHS mental health services turning away children say GPs
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Our teens in crisis

More and more teens are struggling with mental health issues like anxiety, panic, depression and stress. But our health services are literally swamped and are unable to cope.

For a teen, anxiety can feel overwhelming and out of control. It has them in its grip and completely takes over their life. But learning just a few effective and powerful techniques can help teens learn that they can control and manage anxiety to the point where they simply don't feel anxious or think about being anxious any more. 

Hi, I'm Dawn

I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist and coach, mum of two and former anxiety sufferer.


I work with children and teens who are struggling with anxiety, panic, stress, low confidence and self esteem. Through effective and powerful techniques, I teach children and teens how to let go of anxiety and fear, to become calmer, confident and happier. 

My Break the Anxiety Habit for Teens course brings together all of these techniques in one place, so your teen will always have them to hand whenever they need them.


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Jess is doing so well. She's going to school and managing the ups and downs of school now without panicking or feeling overwhelmed. Thank you, Dawn!

Sarah, London